Canadian forest fire again out of danger to endanger oil miners camp (Figure)

Canada's Alberta McMurray Castle's forest fire and fire again out of control
According to the "Central News Agency" reported that Canada's Alberta McMurray Fort forest fire again out of control, 17 burned a new road, destroyed a lot of oil sands workers camp account And forced the sands of workers to evacuate. Since May 3, the forest fire has been out of control, McMurray has more than 80,000 people evacuated their homes, 2400 buildings were destroyed, many are residential. Unfortunately, Fort McMurray in the city's important facilities such as hospitals, water treatment plants, airports have not been destroyed by fire. On the evening of 16th, wildfire burned to the north of Fort McMurray, forcing about 8,000 oil sands workers to evacuate. Most of the workers withdrew from the north, but there were workers evacuating south. On the morning of 17th, Alberta governor Rachel Notley said it had confirmed that 655 oil sands had been burned and two camps were in jeopardy. For many of the original has been evacuated, and recently returned to the oil sands of origin workers, the fire again out of control, like a nightmare to relive. Nori said the current focus of fire fighting in the protection of other parts of the workers are not destroyed. McMurray Fort area due to dry, strong winds, contributed to the fire momentum. Fire raging area has reached 3550 square kilometers.

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